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Plesk Panel
Parallels one click script Installs

Our Pricing Plans

Ksh. 8,900

 / YR


single domain

Unlimited disk space

Unlimited data transfer

Unlimited email accounts

Ksh. 10,900

 / YR


5 domains

Unlimited disk space

Unlimited data transfer

Unlimited email accounts

Ksh. 14,999

 / YR


10 domains

Unlimited disk space

Unlimited data transfer

Unlimited email accounts



Designed by experts, our web hosting architecture is built on premium Dell servers powered by Juniper switches. Our hosting infrastructure is customized to match our priorities of delivering fantastic stability, scale and redundancy.

Control Panel

All our Windows Shared Hosting
plans come equipped with Plesk Panel, the undisputed market leader for Windows Web hosting, so that your customers can derive the maximum value from their hosting package with amazing ease.


Our Windows Shared Hosting
plans include a fully featured email solution that allows unlimited
number of email accounts with POP3 and IMAP support as well as an
intuitive webmail interface.

One-Click Installs

Our Shared Hosting plans on Windows come equipped with Parallels Scripts that allow one click installs of over 300  applications. The Windows hosting packages support languages including ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and can connect to MSSQL as well as MYSQL databases.


It is our continuous endeavor to build secure web services that our clients and customers enjoy. This is why all our communication and data
that powers our web hosting servers are encrypted with FTP over SSL (FTPS).


Our windows shared hosting
allows SSH access so that you can execute commands, manage files and reliably operate your hosting from a remote computer over an encrypted channel. Enabling SSH on EAC Directory’s Windows Hosting is a simple process and one that we strongly recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

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What is the database that can be used with Windows Shared Hosting?

EAC Directory’s Windows Hosting supports Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) as well as MYSQL databases.

What is the version of the operating system that can be used with Windows Shared Hosting?

Our Windows Hosting uses Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 as the OS

How many websites can I host on the Windows Shared Hosting?

We have multiple plan options and the number of websites you can host on a single package will depend on the plan chosen.

Can I upgrade to a higher Windows Web Hosting Plan? 

Yes absolutely. Upgrading to a higher windows hosting plan is hassle free and our technical team can assist you with the upgrade process

Does Windows Shared Hosting include Email hosting as well?  

Yes, Email services through cPanel Webmail are included with our Windows Hosting plans and the storage is shared with website hosting space. You can create an unlimited number of email hosting accounts on this service

Apart from Windows Shared Hosting, do you also offer Linux Shared Hosting?  

Yes. You can choose from Windows or Linux as your shared hosting plans at the time of purchase. We offer affordable Linux Hosting with great features.