Discontinuation of Weebly Website Builder

What is happening?

In light of the new technological changes as well as advancement, we are moving away from the Weebly site builder to Mono Site builder. Mono Site Builder is more advanced, fast and easy to use.

Mono Website Builder has Kenya Currency and is also Integrated with Mpesa Buy Goods and Paybill. Ideal for many clients who want to set up online shop

Newly built websites on Mono Website builder out-rank others when it comes to Speed and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We will discontinue Weebly from 1st December 2019 . There are 3 available options due to this change;

  1. Your site will still be visible to the public. However, you will not be able to make changes to it / edit it
  2. You can purchase hosting space and upload the backup therein, and make changes via html.
  3. You can optionally use the Mono Website Builder to make a new website. See below link https://www.eacdirectory.co.ke/web-design/website-builder/site-builder

Taking of your weebly site backup 

Below is a procedure on how to create a backup of your already existing weebly website.

1. Log into the client area. Click here

2. Navigate to the website 

3. On the website editor dashboard, click on Edit Site ( Sample used here is kutwa.com) 


3. On the edit section, click on Settings


4. Under settings > General and scroll down to the Archive section and on “Create a .zip archive of your site” place the email address where the a zipped backup of the website will be sent to and click on Email Archive


5. Once the website zip has been generated, you will receive an email confirmation informing you that your website is ready for download. Click on Download Zip Archive


6. With that you will have a full backup of your website.