File preservation

Hosting Accounts (Emails and websites) will be terminated (contents deleted) 20 days after expiry of the domain or hosting.

Upon such termination any information you have stored on the EACdirectory Servers will not be retrieved later.

This shall apply to data on addon domains and sub domains if the primary/main hosting account is not renewed.


In cases where you want the files preserved for later payment, the following terms shall apply:

-The request MUST be made in writing.
-Files to be kept for a maximum extra period of 30 days.
-You are encouranged to, also, request for cpanel access so that you can backup the files to your computer
-Backup period is limited to 24hours
-Access to backup to be given just once. This period will not be extended , unless payment for renewal of the package is made.
-EACdirectory shall not accept responsility for data loss during this period
-We can backup and send zipped copy at a fee. Please contact us for a quote

* For Corporate Linux Shared Hosting accounts, termination occurs 17 days after expiry

Files Preservation is not possible for the following
-Corporate Linux Shared Hosting accounts
-SME Linux Cloud hosting

-Dedicated Servers