Caution: Password Change request

Passwords remain the principal gateway to your data, but they are also the plague of cybersecurity. They represent an element of protection controlled by the human side of the cybersecurity chain, and humans are the weakest link.

At EAC directory, clients often ask for password resets /changes BUT they never change them.

Some clients even give us the preferred passwords to change on their behalf. The disturbing thing is that they often use the same password across other platforms. e.g gmail, facebook e.t.c

We have prepared guidelines to help you manage your own asset. The domain and email.

See: Password reset procedures

Should you insist we change the password for you, we request that you indemnify, hold harmless EAC directory from acts committed by accessing your accounts


We always encourage our clients to perform email password resets on their own having issued you with the Cpanel access and a simple guide

The main reason is to ensure we maintain our client's privacy and to absolve ourselves from any breach claims from our clients



Idemnity letter here.