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Modules are what contain the content of your site. Global Styling helps create a uniformed look for your modules to save time and create efficiency when producing websites at scale. With V5 you can also leverage Module Groups.

As the name suggests, Module Groups are groups of modules that can be put on to the site as a set, to save time when building up pages. Drag module groups down onto the site just as you would regular modules.

Module Groups are just another feature making V5 the ultimate site builder for creating stunning websites at scale.


A module is an individual content element. It can be a text, a button, an image, a form builder, a map, you name it. V5 features all the modules you need to create a professional website with new modules being added all the time, all which can be styled locally and globally.

Basic Modules

Basic Modules1 Basic Modules 2 Basic Modules 3

Social Modules

Social Modules 1 Social Modules 2

E-commerce Modules


Module groups can contain several modules which can easily be dragged into a column for fast and efficient production. A good example of a module group might include a headline, text and a button.

Module Groups

Group Modules Group Modules Group Modules Group Modules