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Our Content marketing is one of the most effective ways of lead generation online. It focuses on providing your site’s visitors with interesting and original content that takes many kinds of forms from blogs and articles to the graphics part of websites.

It is a low pressure way of introducing your clients to your brand without having to make hard sales pitches but rather giving them useful content that can actually help them.

Our content marketing package does not only focus on the value of content but also with the combination of SEO, outreach, social media and link building.
Focusing only on improving search engine ranking and traffic will not get your website to the top. Content marketing goes further to introduce your customers to your company’s brand without being pushy and it also convinces your repeat visitors that you are trustworthy.

In addition, if content marketing is done thoroughly, it makes it easier for your website to gain prominence faster making the other elements needed to get your website to the top easier to go around.

The work does not stop once the content is published. To really unlock the full potential of content marketing, link building is necessary through the website outreach element. This is where we will go ahead to secure high quality content signal for your website and the content produced.

Value of Content Marketing

Social media is these days growing in popularity. Creating content that can easily go viral on social media platforms will ensure that your website fall behind the curve. The main trick here is to create effective content that will inspire social media users to post and repost your brand’s messages. Get them talking about you.

We are dedicated in our work to create an award winning brand for your company. With our competitive pricing, you will find a devoted team ready to create the content that will make online searchers want to share.

Our Content Marketing Plans will include the following assets and strategies.

Social Media Monitoring

This is how your content is spread. We have the tools and knowledge to monitor your social media messages across various social media accounts and how your content is spread. No time to manage your social media presence? We can help.

Info graphics and motion graphics

Involves getting to really research about your brand and the key topics in order to gain valuable insight to provide exclusive data to our graphic design team. They will then turn this information into actively engaging in for and motions graphics to promote your brand and encourage high social activity.

Content Asset Links

Images are great especially in bringing in social shares but also optimizing written content is an important aspect of content marketing services. We will secure content links from a number of different websites. Our copywriting team ensures ideal usage of keywords and anchor texts for all links created within content marketing efforts.

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