Crush cyberthreats. Restore confidence.

Traditional antivirus simply doesn't cut it anymore.


Malwarebytes crushes the latest threats before others even recognize they exist.


What is Malware and Ransomware?

Malware is software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.
They are computer programs designed to infiltrate and damage computers without the users consent.


Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.


We offer three levels of protection: Basic, Professional and Premium for both PC and mobile devices


Advanced threat detection and remediation ready at the click of a button. 

Protect your devices at Kes 3,999 per year

Available for Desktop (Windows, Mac and Chromebook) and Mobile (Android and iOS)

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Automating threat response helps businesses accelerate their attack response workflows while reducing malware dwell times.


Our proprietary Linking Engine Remediation removes the infection and all vulnerabilities to re-infection, returning the endpoint to a truly healthy state.


The scans are fast, extremely effective and can be on-demand, scheduled, or automated. The Hyper, Threat, and Custom scan modes offer configurable, silent scans that won't interrupt end-users.


Malwarebytes Basic package uncovers what/when/how an endpoint was compromised, and where else the attack may have spread.


Designed to block malware before it infects your device. 


Protect your devices at Kes 5,999 per year

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Attackers continuously innovate. You should choose advanced endpoint protection that innovates detection as attackers’ threats evolve.


Malwarebytes Professional is a comprehensive protection built for speed. Don’t choose between protection and performance. Quickly deploy endpoint protection that doesn't impact end user productivity.


Available for Desktop (Windows, Mac and Chromebook) and Mobile (Android and iOS)


Attack Isolation. Automated Remediation. Ransomware Rollback


Available for Desktop (Windows, Mac and Chromebook) and Mobile (Android and iOS)


Protect your devices at Kes 7,999 per year

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You need to get compromised devices back online quickly. Our product enables you to isolate, investigate, and remediate, including ransomware rollback, in just a few clicks. Plus, our insightful threat hunting capabilities empower you to investigate and either whitelist approved software or drill down into suspicious behavior.


Today, some threats get past even the best protection. Extend your security with integrated device detection and analysis. It not only eliminates known and unknown threats but also monitors suspicious activity to highlight threats. These capabilities enable the in-depth analysis required to combat today’s sophisticated malware.