Website Migration

Steps involved in migration

Let’s see how the migration is taking place and what are the steps involved in the typical cPanel to cPanel migration process.


Taking full website backup

This is the first step we usually take. A full website backup is needed to migrate a cPanel website. In this case, migration just means moving a backup file to another server and restoring it on that server. Let’s see how to take a backup using cPanel.

1) Go to Files >> Backup in the cPanel




2) Click on ‘Download a full website backup’ button  as shown in the figure.

Now you’ll be navigated to a new window.

3) Click on ‘Generate Backup’ as shown in figure.





Now your backup will be generated. It will take some time to finish the backing up of your website. You can choose to send an email notification to an email address from this page, if you wish to do so.

When you get the email notification, you can verify the backup file from the cPanel interface also. Now we can proceed to the restore process.

4) Now set the permission of the backup file to ‘644’ from cPanel interface.

5) Now SSH to the server which you want your website to be transferred to.

6) Run the following command to download the backup file.

# wget old.ip.addres.s/~username/public_html/backup_file_name

This will download the backup file to the new server.

7) Now you can restore the account in the new server by running the following script.

# /script/restorepkg path_to_backup_file

8) The account is now transferred successfully. Now you need to update the DNS records with the IP address of the new server. You need to do this at registrar end and in the zone files also.

NB:/ Your responsibilities) After a restore please log into the account to check the data, for example email accounts in cPanel and files in public_html. The MySQL database count and email accounts should match, and the space usage be very close between the two accounts. Before cancelling your old account, the dns should be changed and the account confirmed to be working.

Possible problems) Due to PHP differences you may need to change the PHP version in cPanel->select PHP version. Old php.ini / .htaccess files may need to be modified as well. If there is not sufficient disk space free, a backup in cPanel may not be possible.


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