Client Area Security

This tutorial will show you how to add an extra layer of security to your Client Area. Follow the steps highlighted below:

1. Login to your Client Area

2. Navigate to the top left of the page and click on the drop down on your account name.

3. Click on "Login Verify Pin" on the drop down menu.

4. Put in your Verify Pin and Click on Activate to Activate it. You will be required to provide this PIN everytime you access your Client Area.
You can also choose to deactivate it after a while from the same page.

5. Go to the top left of your page again, click on the drop down menu on your Account Name and Logout to ensure that the Verify PIN has been activated.

6. Put in your email and Password then click on login.

7. You will be prompted to put in your Verify PIN. Put it then you will login successfully.

8. Incase you forget your Verify PIN, just click on "Recover PIN." An email will be sent to the email address under your account.

9. Click on the link in the email to Recover your PIN.

10. Change your Verify PIN to set a new one then click on "Activate"

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