Remote FTP Backup Account With Cpanel

1. Log into Cpanel.

2. Click the Backups Option

3. Click the 'Download or Generate a full website backup' option

4. Select 'Remote FTP Server' in backup destination

5. Enter the ftp hostname the Remote Server

6. Enter the ftp username as the remote user

7. Enter the ftp passwordas the remote password

8. Enter 21 for the port

9. Enter / as the remote directory

Click on 'Generate Backup' option

Once the backup generates please ftp into your remote backup server to make sure that the backup has completed successfully and transferred.

You can also download this backup from your cpanel simply by refreshing the page and store it locally.

Remember these backups are in .tar.gz format and can easily be restored to any cpanel server.  If you need to use this file to restore please contact our support team and we will assist you.  Most people keep these backups as the ultimate method of disaster recovery. 

You can never have enough backups in our view and whilst we take backups on our servers we never guarantee them and they are simply taken as a courtesy.  We always recommend clients take their own backups and this is one method (remote ftp) you may wish to use.

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