Setting Filters in Roundcube

Setting Filters in Roundcube

Roundcube provides configurable email filtering. To enable spam filtering within Roundcube, first log in to your email account. Under the Email section down the left side, choose
"Manage Email Accounts", choose "Modify" for the desired account. Under Spam Filter Configuration, make sure 'Enabled' is checked, and click SAVE (even if you already had 'Enabled' chosen). You are now ready to
create filters within Roundcube as instructed below.

Visit your webmail by typing into a browser Enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS and email password.

1. Your email is now displayed. Choose an email you wish to set a filtering rule for and double-click to view.

2. Choose the gear icon, then select Create filter.

3. For you New Filter, you can choose to block the Subject, From, or To. You can modify these later as needed. Click Next Step.

4. Give a name to your filter, then choose where to move this message. You can make modifications for the filter in this window, or revisit your filters later. Click Save. (Note: You will only see managesieve as the filter set. This is your only option)

5. Your filter is now saved.

6. To revisit your filters, click Settings in the upper right, then the Filters tab, as shown to the left. You can now view, modify, or delete filters you have created.  
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