Why you MUST update your website regularly

Your website is your virtual building on the cyberspace. It needs care and maintenance just like your physical store. If you do not budget to maintain the website, it’s going to eventually fall apart.

Gone are the days when you would make a website and take months before you updated it since Cyber threats are Vast. Hackers attack every chance they get. To counter this, Content Management System companies improve their underlying softwares which forces you to make adjustments too. Database management systems improve , Scripting /programming languages are improved to wade off hackers, especially when a flaw is discovered

Consequences of NOT updating your website.

1. You will one day wake up and find that your site is Blank ( white Screen) This shows that there is an error. IN this case log onto the cpanel and check the error logs
2. Hacking: This is the bread of the bad boys
3. Spamming: This will make your website to be blackisted by Google. (Not an pleasant experience - Your visitors will never trust you again)
4. Lost business

The list is endless.

If you have never installed an update, and you are convinced that you don’t need to do so because you are satisfied with your “old” CMS, please consider the security issue for you and your customers. 
It’s YOUR responsibility to insure that someone maintains your site’s software updated, and let you know if your webhost is keeping up with their end of the deal.

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-PHP versions
-MySQL versions.
-WordPress Versions
-Joomla Versions.

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