Sending Bulk Emails


One of the best bulk email software that is available is SendBlaster. With this software, it is possible to manage your mailing lists as well as email marketing campaigns. This software app combines the reasonableness of mass email software along with the flexibility of a bulk email web service. It gives you the flexibility of creating newsletters and managing lists directly on your desktop, while getting a cloud email tracking service. This can vastly improve email campaigns as well as handle reporting. The latest version SendBlaster 3 is available both as a free email sender software download along with a professional edition. No subscription is needed and one needs to pay just once for a lifetime license.

Bulk Mailer

The Bulk Mailer accepts mailer lists that are generated in a variety of programs such as Access, Excel, DBF, Word, that are prepared in ASCII text files (.txt, .lst). It is also possible to enter an unlimited number of email addresses. The software also provides you with an extremely flexible sending engine. It is also possible to create personalized HTML messages. 

It comes featured with flash, image, as well as attachment capabilities. The program is multi-functional and provides options such as mail merge, personalization, bounce manager, scheduler, as well as custom opt-in forms

Free Bulk Email Software

32Bit provides a free email blast software that is amongst the best on the Internet. It consists of a wide variety of features that help make life easier. Some of the features include private contact list, HTML editor, bounce processing, and synergy with Google Analytics. 32Bit bulk email software program has the ability to process around 20,000 messages in one hour. It offers one of the best ways to simplify email marketing campaigns.


1and1mail offers an award winning email marketing software for small and medium business to send personalized mass emails. It comes along with features such as open and click reports, mimic manual sending, automatic IP switcher, and others. 1and1mail is comprehensive, lightweight, as well as efficient email marketing software for corporate businesses.

Thunder Mailer

Thundermailer is a comprehensive email program that incorporates all the tools that businesses need to manage their email campaigns. It consists of powerful tools that are user friendly, so that businesses, organization, companies and others can easily create emails, newsletters, promotional emails, notifications, invitations, and greetings. You can easily email to subscribers as well as manage subscriber lists easily, besides tracking your email campaign performance. Thunder Mailer allows businesses to remain in constant communication with clients and other concerned parties, so that are able to save costs too, compared to other forms of ads.


MailChimp is an email program that is around since 2001 and is used by more than 7 million people around the world. The features as well as integrations within MailChimp allow people to send marketing emails, automated messages, targeted campaigns, and others around the world. With detailed reports, you can improve your campaigns over time.

DNB Mass Mailing Solution

The DNB Mass mailing Solution (DMMS) makes it easy for individuals and businesses both large as well as small to send FREE and professional looking emails to subscribers. You can easily send emails to thousands of subscribers in a jiffy. With its inbuilt function, you can also remove duplicate as well as invalid emails within your campaign. You can also know whether your emails are being opened or not, which links are being clicked on, and how many emails are being bounced.

Bulk Email Software Free Download

The Express automailer software from mobilink is a very powerful and fast, yet simple program to use email software that is designed for bulk email applications. The software is particularly useful for retailers, physicians, newsletter publishers and corporate, insurance agents and others. The software accepts a list of recipients from an Excel sheet and supports attachment of any format. It supports multi-attachments of both - text as well as html formats. This automailer has a professional user interface and is very easy to use. It requires only a few minutes to be set up and can be mastered in just a few minutes. The trial version is free

MailList Controller Free

MailList controller Free is a free took that is used for generating mass emailing. The process of doing this is very simple helps you setup your SMTP server and set up your first mailing list. You can also create additional lists afterwards. The free version allows a single list with up to 100 recipients. 
However the professional version which is paid allows for up to 10,000 recipients, while the extreme edition is unlimited. The basics of mass mailing are covered with this software. You can import list members or add members manually. You can also use the rich interface for composing messages, while keeping track of outgoing messages as well as messages that have been sent previously.

GroupMail Free Edition

This is a free tool for sending bulk e-mail messages. With all the basics covered, it also has some fine extra points about it. This software can use its own internal database, but can also connect to an existing external database. It can also pull recipients directly from your address book. A scheduler is included, but you can use it only in the paid version.
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