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This article discusses what to do when WordPress displays a blank page, aka "white screen of death"

You view a page on a WordPress site and a blank page appears on one page, several pages, or the entire site. You may be unable to log in.


First , check the error log in your domain . Log onto cpanel > File Manager > error_log . It should give you the cause of the problem

NOTE: Ensure that at all times, the Wordpress Core Engine  Themes ,& Plugins are Updated to the Latest version

Latest version is 4.7.2    Released January 26, 2017

The most common causes by far of blank pages appearing on WordPress sites are either

1.A malfunctioning plugin (You need to selectively disable plugins one by one until the affected page or pages load in your browser.)
2.A malfunctioning theme (Revert to the default theme).

1. Disabling plugins

If you can log in as the administrator, try disabling plugins one by one until the problem no longer occurs. When you determine which plugin is causing the problem, you can update it, leave it disabled, or remove it entirely.

If you cannot log in to the Administration Screen, however, you must disable plugins manually. To do this, follow these steps:

Navigate to the wp-content/plugins directory in that directory instead.

To disable a plugin, rename its directory

Retest the WordPress site. If the blank page or pages still appear, repeat steps 3 and 4, disabling a different plugin each time until you locate the cause.
When you are done troubleshooting, make sure you restore the plugin directories to their original names.

If you disable plugins and still see blank pages, then the current theme may be causing problems.

2. Reverting to the default theme. 

Navigate to the wp-content/themes directory in that directory . 

2 (a) Note the default theme name.  The default WordPress theme names are years that are spelled out (for example, twentyfourteen or twentythirteen). If there are several default themes installed, note the most recent theme name.

2 (b) Locate database name from the file wp-config.php

2 (c) Return to the cPanel home screen.

2 (d) In the Databases section of the cPanel home screen, click phpMyAdmin.

2 (e)  In the left-hand pane of phpMyAdmin, click the WordPress database. A list of tables in the database appears.

2 (f)  Click the options table.

2 (g) In the option_name column, locate the template and stylesheet rows.

The option_value settings in these rows contain the current theme.
For the template row, double-click the option_value setting, type the default theme name you obtained in step 2 (a) , and then press Enter.

Repeat step 2 (g) for the stylesheet row.

The default theme is now active.

Retest the WordPress site. If the previous theme is the cause of the blank pages, the site should now work correctly using the default theme.

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