1.Content management systems (also called CMS) include Wordpres, joomla, Drupal e.t.c

2. Plugins, extensions , themes shall be refered to as plugins

CMS have thousands of Free plugins. They  also have premium PAID plugins /extensions which are well worth their price, but not many people are ready to PAY for .

You or webmasters know the names of the paid ones.All you / they need to do is sjust earch Google for [<plugin-name> free download].

Strange? Why would someone spend time to steal software, and then post it to various sites and forums for Free? Simple: The add undisclosed functionality to the stolen plugins like backdoors, ads, hidden links, and SPAM. GOTCHA!

Our servers scan for such and automatically remove these infected plugins, as and when they are found making your site to be BROKEN. Occasionally , we will send you emails about this

IF this is the case, then simply send the notifications to the vendor and they will send you an update which you will need to upload again and your website should be back online

Note: All plugins may have known and unknown security holes so consult your vendor when yours is flagged out

The best advice is to purchase plugins from the original source. This way, you know what you are getting and you'll be able to receive support if you run into problems

Malware removals from your computer:

For PC ( Running Windows Operating Systems) : Click here
For Mac : Click here

Useful additional readings

1. Plug ins to avoid : Click here

2. Top Wordpress Vulrenabilities . Click here

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