Error Code err_connection_timed_out

EACdirectory: Dns error

The above  error happens because your internet IP address blocked by firewall or drivers when you try to access or browse that website.

Suggested solutions

Solution 1: Clear Your Browser History and Cache

Clear History and Cache From Google Chrome Browser: Go to Customize and control (top right corner in the Chrome browser) -> Then click Settings  -> Now you click the Show Advanced Settings button in the bellow -> then you go privacy section -> Now you click on Clear Browsing Data button -> check all the box in the new popup -> then you click on the Clear browsing data button.

EACdirectory: Clear Your Browser History and Cache

Clear History and Cache From Mozilla Firefox Browser: Go to Customize in the Firefox browser -> then click on History button -> now click Clear recent history button  ->then Details -> Check Cookies and Cache from the box -> then click the Clear now button.

EACdirectory: Clear Your Browser History and Cache

Solution 2: Modify Your Windows Hosts File

Sometime we use Windows hosts file to block access to some of the harmful website or IP addresses. Sometime firewall and hosts file also block other websites or IP addresses, Thats why you need to check your Windows hosts file and see if is any website URLs or IP there and delete them.

You check your hosts file from c:windowssystem32driversetc. But you can not change or delete any data in hosts file from there. To edit the hosts file then you follow the instruction bellow-

First you right click on the Notepad and click the Run as Administrator button.

EACdirectory: Modify Host file

After opening notepad than click on File from the menu bar -> then click Open and then give the root link in the File name search box like bellow in the picture and obviously enable all the files from the drop down in that folder. The root link is given bellow.


EACdirectory: Modify Host file

Now you click hosts file and then click open button in the notepad and delete all the website address and IP address after the last # sign like the image in the bellow.

EACdirectory: Modify Host file

Then click on the File from notepad menu bar and then click Save and close notepad. Now refresh your browser and load the website that were giving the error in the past.

Solution 3: Flush or Renew DNS and IP Address

Sometime this error create for DNS and IP blocked issues. Thats why we will flush the DNS and also release or renew the IP address which may resolve the error. First you go to the Start menu and then type CMD in the search box and hit the enter button from your keyboard. When you hit enter then the command prompt window will pop up  in your monitor

EACdirectory: Flush DNS

In that window you copy each of the following lines in the bellow one by one and paste in command prompt window and hit the enter button after each line.

     ipconfig /renew
     ipconfig /registerdns
     ipconfig /flushdns
     ipconfig /release

Once you done then restart your PC to take effects and check if the err_connection_timed_out error is gone.

Solution 4: Filter Your Firewall and Website

You check your windows firewall and internet security settings to make sure your internet browser is not blocked from browsing the internet. If you installed any any website filtering software in your computer then you uninstall them.

Solution 5: Change Your LAN Settings

Sometimes LAN settings blocked website IP address. So you check and adjust the LAN settings. First you go to Start menu -> then go to Control Panel -> Now click on the Internet Options.

EACdirectory: Change Your LAN Settings


After clicked then internet properties window will show then you select the connections tab and click on the LAN Settings from window.

EACdirectory: Change Your LAN Settings

When you clicked then open a new windows and you deselect the box says, Automatically Detect Settings and also deselect that says Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN. Then you click the OK button and restart your PC.

Solution 6: Talk to your ISP

Sometimes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) put your IP address in a safe zone which was causing some website not loading and show this unwanted err connection timed out error. So, talk to your Internet Service Provider to make sure you are not in any sort of website filtering zone.

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