How to Setup Microsoft Outlook POP3

Set Up E-mail with Microsoft Outlook using POP3

In this tutorial, we shall use the domain with the email address [email protected] as an example.


Steps in configuring POP3.


In this tutorial, we shall use the email account:  created [email protected]


Step 2 Launching Outlook

Once the email is set up, you will launch Microsoft outlook from your Microsoft Office section. To do this, go to Start - Find All Apps - Microsoft Office Outlook

Step 3 creating the account in Outlook.

From Outlook, go to File,  Add Account.

EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3

EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3



An auto select window will show up. The window will give you the option of selecting either email account or Manual setup or additional servers. Select the Manual setup or additional servers option and click Next

 EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3

Step 4 Choose Service Page

You will then be directed to a page that will require you to choose the service that you need. Select POP or IMAP option and click Next

 EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3


You will then be prompted to enter the mail server settings of your account. Fill in the fields appropriately as below:

(i)               Your Name

(ii)              Your Email e.g. [email protected]

(iii)             Account type i.e. POP3 or IMAP (POP3 is the selected option by default)

(iv)             Incoming Mail Server e.g.

(v)              Outgoing Mail Server e.g.

(vi)             Password (Should be the password to your Email)

 EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3


NB: Account Type is POP3 by Default. Ensure you leave it as so.

After filling in all the fields, click on More Settings.

Under the Outgoing Server tab, select the first selection box as shown

 EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3


Click on the Advance tab 
Change Incoming server (POP3) to 110.
Change Outgoing server (SMTP) to 26.
Make sure the checkbox on 'This server requires an encripted connection' is NOT ticked
Click the OK button when finished.


 EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3

After that, Test the Account Settings by clicking on the Test Account Settings Button. On Success, a message will display that will inform you of success as below,

 EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3

Close the window and Click Next. A similar test will be carried out, close the success window again and you will be directed to the last page


 EAC Directory: Outlook 2013 POP3

Click on Finish.


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