Domains and Web hosting

.KE e.g. google.ke ) 

General Availability Date. 16th January 2018


Registry : Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC)

Registrar : EAC directory

Registrants: Customers or clients

SLD – Second Level domain

TVETA :Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority

ADRP – Alternative Dispute Resolutions Policy. Click here

Download Application Form

Please download the above Application form

Reservations will be on a first come basis.

If there is NO dispute about the name, the same will be reserved, registered within 120th days from23rd July, 2017, and we shall inform you accordingly

Trademarks (registered under the Trade Marks ACT (CAP 506) Laws of Kenya) must be certified by a Lawyer with good standing with Law Society of Kenya (LSK).

We will issue FULL refunds for all un successfull applications. All reserved domains have been blocked by our system.

.Africa domains ls LIVE, and REAL TIME

Dear Registrants,

KeNIC will be rolling out the SLD from 23rd July, 2017.

Registrants are requested to familiarize themselves with the dynamics around the SLD between now and the roll out date.

The registration process for SLD will be rolled out in the following phases: –

1.Sunrise Period Amount– From KES 11,600

Starts from 23rd July 2017 for three (3) months till 22nd October 2017 

2.Land-rush / Auction period Amount – From KES 9000
Starts one (1) month after Sunrise period that is on: – 23rd October 2017 to 22nd November 2017

3. Cooling period -30 days thereafter

4. General Availability Amount – From KES 9,280
Starts after Cooling period that is one hundred and fifty (150) days after the launch of Second Level Domain (from 20th December 2017)

Note that different registrars will charge different prices depending on several factors.

Sunrise period
The Registry will offer an approximately 90 days sunrise period for Trademark holders whose trademarks have been registered under the Trade Marks ACT (CAP 506) Laws of Kenya, to register Domain Names similar to their trademarks.

Applications for Domain Name Registrations received during the Sunrise period will be evaluated during the subsequent Cooling-off period and Domain Names will then be allocated to eligible Applicants based on the criteria contained in the Second Level Dot KE Domain (SLD) Policy.

Landrush Period.
The Registry will offer approximately 30 days Land Rush period

In the event that multiple applications for an identical Domain Name are received during the Land-rush Period, the selection criteria described below applies.

At the end of the Land-rush Period, applied-for SLD Names with a single eligible Applicant will be allocated to such Applicant. Domain Names with more than one eligible Applicant will proceed to an auction conducted by the registry between the competing Applicants and awarded to the highest bidder.

Cooling-Off period
The Registry will offer an approximately Thirty (30) days Cooling-off period immediately after the Sunrise and Land-rush Periods.

The Registry will assess whether the applications meet the eligibility criteria for the respective phases. Applications not fulfilling the criteria and were not rejected at an earlier stage will be rejected.

Eligible applications will be evaluated and prioritized according to the following principles before Domain Names are allocated:

  • Sunrise applications prevail over Land-rush applications. 
  • Land-rush applications with multiple eligible applications are resolved by means of an auction. There is no obligation to participate in an auction. The Domain Name will be allocated to the remaining or prevailing Applicant. 

Where no eligible applications for a Domain Name have been received during the Sunrise Period and multiple eligible applications were received during the Land-rush Period, the Applicant or Applicants with a trademark registered under Trade Marks ACT (CAP 506) Laws of Kenya shall prevail.

General availability period
Starts from 16th January 2018 .Domains shall be available on a first come first served basis.

Any dispute with regard to a domain name shall be referred to mediation under the ADRP.


1.We will issue refunds or credits for un-successful applications orders.
2.All reserved domains have been blocked by our system so that we don't have 2 orders for the same name.
3.Note that the same domain name could also be ordered for through another registrar.
4.We have to put people on standby ( at a cost) to ensure that we register as many domains as possible (the ones that failed sunrise, booked domains e.t.c) due to expected rush under General availability. 

5. By placing orders before GA, you agree to be bound by the existing prices, at the time of placing the order

6. You can ask for refunds at any time, before GA

7. All refunds shall be in Full, if paid via Paypal since Paypal does not issue partial refunds

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