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Tld  ID Protect @ Kes 699 per year

ID protect

IDProtectNote: You can order top-level domain ID protection during the domain registration process, as shown above. Or contact us via email so that we can order the same for you

Domain ID Protect is a service that prevents your private information from being displayed publicly in the global WHOIS database https://lookup.icann.org/


The ID Protect Only applies to Top Level domains eg .com, .org etc,

Why purchase an ID Protect?

Every domain registration is required to have accurate contact information (publicly available WHOIS data) associated with it.

How does it work?

ID Protect takes your unprotected, personal information and shields it from the public so that they only see anonymous information.

Test check with our domain eacdirectory.com from the link https://lookup.icann.org/

Benefits to You

  • Keeps You Safe - ID Protect keeps your information private, so identity thieves can’t find you.
  • Get Emails That Matter - Legitimate emails such as purchase offers for your domain are still forwarded to you.
  • Blocks Spam - Your contact details are kept out of the hands of spammers, so you get less spam.

  • Complies with ICANN - Follows rules set out by ICANN, the governing body for domain names.