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How fast ,Mobile friendly is your Website

53% of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load.

A fast website is the quickest way to connect with your audience. The average web page still takes 19 seconds to load over a 3G connection.

That means that over 50% of users are abandoning your site before the page even loads.

"The need for mobile speed" report - Doubleclick by Google

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Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Do not lose on Mobile Users Starting Now. 
Our platform offers the ability to build and customize fully responsive sites to optimize the user experience across multiple screen sizes and resolutions.
Unlike other website platforms, sites built with EAC directory are automatically rendered based on screen size, using one set of HTML code with options for customization.

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We care about your business, blog, company, institution, organization,  and that is exactly what we are perfect for. 

Being the trusted pioneers of web design and development you do not want to miss a bit of our developed website samples. 

We build nice, professional, user friendly, interactive and responsive websites at the peak of your imagination, with Excellent SEO

* We don't YET build Database Driven Websites

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Grow Your Business: Need for Google Analytics

What gets measured gets Improved : Turn Data Into Action - Know your audience

Analytics gives organizations the ability to leverage data to and therefore impact their bottom lines.
It helps organizations understand consumer behavior, anticipate future events, and gain new insights to build valuable relationships. .

Analytics provide information to help you make educated changes to your site based on actual data, as opposed to hypothesized ideas based on opinions. Analytics are also extremely important in helping you to understand which promotion techniques work well for your website

Some of the data that you will get from analytics include WHO is visiting your site, From where, Using What device, from What country, Which pages e.t.c 

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