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Google SSL Warnings is now live

Google has finally released Chrome 68, and is now marking websites as ‘secure/not secure’ and prominently highlights this in its URL bar. Your site needs to have SSL installed ( It makes communications secure). 60% of web users prefer Google Chrome. This information is particularly relevant if you have a website.

Secure site

How do you tell if your site is secure or not?

1. A site that uses http is not secure

2. A site that uses https is secure

Why is this important?

1. Most users will abandon your website once it has been flagged down as ‘not secure’.

2. You will be down ranked by google’s search engine therefore your users will not find you.This means your Search Engine Optimization score will drop down drastically.

3. With https your site is protected from hackers who may want to steal information or use information on your website.

How do you solve this?

Well, we are here to help. Now you can order for your SSL certificate and avoid losing your customers.

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