You can now send yourself a note or set an alarm from a Google desktop search to your phone

Google is making it easier to control certain aspects of your Android device right from the Google homepage by using the search bar to complete certain tasks. From last week Google enabled the option of searching for a misplaced Android device right from it's homepage.

You can also send Google maps directions from the Google homepage to your Android device and now Google has added the ability to send a note or set an alarm right from the desktop search and send it to your phone.
To do this you will simply need to be logged in to your Google account on the desktop search, the same one as the primary account on your phone. Then simply type in "send a note" or "set an alarm" on the search bar.
Once you enter the command of choice it will bring you to the next screen, where you enter the information. For alarms you will see big numbers with the time, from which you can set your alarm with then click on 'set alarm on phone'. It will takes a few seconds to process, before it completes and your phone will now have a new alarm set.
Sending a note is just as easy, simply type the note you want and send it off, and you will receive a notification on your phone with the note. From here you can either copy the note, or save it.
The features requires the latest version of the Google app installed on your phone, Google Now notifications enabled, Web & App Activity enabled. It might work for some users and not others so be patient as it appears Google is rolling out the feature in phases to users.


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