You can now easily locate your lost Android device by doing a simple Google search

For Android users, Google has decided to move a feature that was usually located under the Android device management option on the Google Play website right on the search page. Now when you're signed in to the same Google account on your phone and PC, all you have to do is type "find my phone" into Google and your top result will be a live Google Map with the locations of your Android devices.

You can also ring your phone at it's maximum volume direct from the result - handy when you have lost your phone somewhere in your house. You can't however use the Google search result to wipe your device or lock it like you can inside Android Device Manager.
The location map includes a drop-down menu in the top right corner to choose which of your Android devices you'd like to find. Google's search feature is pretty smart too. It will work if you type in "find my phone" or "find my tablet." "My phone is lost" worked as well.
The new search feature is live on, but your Android devices also needs the latest version of the Google app before "find my phone" can work. Lastly, your phone will need to be connected to the internet either through WiFi or a cellular data connection for the feature to work as well. You can head over to and give it a try.


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