.ke domain names

Why you need .ke domain names

Why you need .ke domain names

When to buy .ke domain names

There are over 280 domain extensions in the world, with .com and .net being the most popular. Technically referred to as a TLD (top-level domain), a domain name extension is determined by various factors, including the purpose of your domain and sometimes location. 

For instance, today .biz is available for business websites, .me for personal websites, .edu for academic institutions, .gov for US government websites among others. Country specific TLDs denote the country where the website is based, such as .ke for Kenyan websites, .ug for Ugandan and .ng for Nigerian websites.

.ke domain names are controlled by the government of Kenya. EAC Directory offers generic .ke domain names from KES 999 while premium names
are offered on auction.

Benefits of .ke domain names

#1: Better domain names
Have you ever gone to conduct a domain name search only to find that all the names you had had already been picked up, perhaps even before you knew you could own a website? It can be frustrating to come up with a cute name only to find that you cannot own it. But have you tried searching for the name using a .ke extension? Chances are high that your prestigious name is still available as a country specific TLD.

#2: Useful for local SEO

If you are doing business locally and targeting local clients, it is good to select a .ke name. This will send a signal to Google that your business targets local clients and thus increase your chances of

appearing in search engine result pages. This increased visibility in local search will certainly translate to more business for you.

#3: Buyer confidence
People like buying from companies they identify with. A .ke name gives Kenyans a local feel that increases their confidence. They know that you are one of them, with an office they can access  physically at any given time and a number they can trust.

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