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What your browsing habits say about you

What your browsing habits say about you

Useful statistics on internet use

How much time do you spend on the internet? According to statistics, over 7 billion people, who represent 54 per cent of the global population, have access to internet. Out of these, 1.28 billion are in Africa. In Kenya, 43.3 million people are using the internet, accounting for 89.4 per cent of the country’s population. 

On average, an adult spends 20 minutes daily on the internet. With Kenya having the fastest internet speed in both Africa and Middle East, many people are using the web for various purposes. There are those who use the internet to chat with friends on social media, look for jobs, shop or just find information. 

View live internet statistics here.

Browsing history a gold mine for marketers

Browsing history is the new gold mine for marketers who use this information to push products to you. Other third parties, however, use this information for various reasons. Law enforcement agencies use it to trace criminals. Researchers have found links to social media use and conditions such as depression and loneliness.

There is a popular saying, “You are what you do when nobody is watching.” This is true according to Five, a new tool developed to extract your personality based on your private Facebooking patterns. You can hide some things from your boss, spouse, friends or family, but you cannot hide them from Google! 

Five personalities based on your browsing habits

Recently, psychologists have found a new use to the information stored on your browser; to predict your personality! It is now possible for measure how open, agreeable, conscientious, neurotic or extroverted you are by just analysing the data stored on your browser.

The words you use in conversations or social media posts, how you respond to questions and emails, the search queries you type on Google as well as the frequency of your chats and emails can tell a lot about you.

How much of your personal information are you feeding Google? You can find your last week’s surfing habits using the Surfkoll Chrome extension.


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