What does your domain name say about you?

What does your domain name say about you?

In Kenya, your name can tell which ethnic group you belong to. And as a citizen, your identity card or passport will say more about your nationality. Just as our identity cards and passports say more about our origin and nationality, our websites also communicate to the digital citizens.

Your domain name can affect the quality of your website. Here are the messages your domain name is sending to the world:

.org domain names

This domain extension is popularly used by non-profit organisations. If you intend to make profit with your business, avoid .org domains.

.net domain names

Usually, this is the first alternative for unavailable .com websites. If you are running an ICT business, .net may give you mileage in terms of credibility. If you are not in tech, avoid .net domains unless your preferred .com name is not available.

.info domain names

This is another popular TLD. If your aim is to inform the public, go for this domain extension. You can also use I if you are promoting yourself.

.Biz domain names

This domain extension implies that you are in business and probably looking for leads. However, it is a low quality TLD compared to .com and .net. However, if all other TLDs are not available, you can buy a .biz domain.

Domains for personal branding

Personal branding is a growing trend in the digital era. If you want to build your brand online, you can buy a .me or .name, .guru and .work.

Specialty domain names

You can also buy a specialty domain name for your industry. For instance, you can buy .travel or .aero if you are in travel, .news for news companies, .design if you are in design.

.ke and .co.ke

.ke is for websites owned by Kenyans or running in Kenya. Companies operating in Kenya can buy .co.ke domains. In Kenya, we also have .ac.ke which are designated for Kenyan universities while .go.ke are run by the government.

In conclusion, choose your domain name wisely. If you can get a .com, .ke or .co.ke, grab it before anybody else buys it.

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