Secure access to individual Apps with AppLock for Android

Privacy is something most people usually take seriously especially when it comes to their smartphones. One will usually dread when someone borrows their phone for a few minutes with the fear that they might stumble upon something you wouldn't want them to it a confidential message or maybe an embarrassing picture in your gallery.

Simply refusing to lend someone your phone could possibly solve all your problems but this usually leaves you in an uneasy situation as people will suspect you are hiding something from them.
Screen unlock codes come as an easy way to secure your phone from unauthorized access but once you have unlocked your device and handed it to someone you no longer have any control on what they cab access unless you sit right along them and monitor everything they do.
The best way to solve such concerns and rest easy when you hand someone your phone is to simply make use of AppLock. AppLock is a free Android application that allows you to lock individual applications thus when one tries to access a locked application, they will be prompted to first input a pin to gain access to the application.

This nifty app can be used to lock down applications such as Messages, Whatsapp, Camera/Gallery, SIM toolkit, Facebook and just about any application that you have on your phone so no more sweating it when you have handed out your phone to a relative or friend.



07/08/2018 by Adam

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