Pocket, a great productivity app for writers, bloggers & content lovers

In today's world of rapid information sharing over the internet, people more than often stumble upon multiple blog articles and or news features of interest either while browsing the internet on their computers or on their mobile devices but it might not be possible to read each and every one of them at once. Keeping track of all these chunks of information then becomes a problem as most would love to have the chance to read the articles at a later time when they are more relaxed and have plenty of time.

Doing this through use of bookmarks on a browser is not always effective as having a large number of bookmarks can sometimes make locating a specific one an unpleasant task. If the article of interest was say in a standalone mobile application which updates frequently then chances are you either read the article there and then or risk losing track of it for good.
Bloggers and writers on the other hand also have the task of doing plenty of research and cross references online, reading through countless articles and online publications on a daily basis and in most cases saving some of these information for future reference is always a good idea.
If you are either a blogger, a writer or just a plain content lover then Pocket is the app to provide a solution to most of your problems. Pocket previously knows as 'Read it later' is a free application available for both Android, iOS mobile platforms as well as a Windows PC application. It's main purpose is to simply enable you save all your favourite online articles which you come through either on a desktop browser (through the pocket add-on/extension on either Mozilla or Chrome browser) , on your mobile browser or on a mobile application through the share option.

Best of all, what you need is to simply register a single account and sign it with this account on all your devices, be it your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. All articles you save do not show up as saved links but rather the entire article (including images) is saved to your pocket account for easy offline access.
All saved content is automatically synced across all your signed in devices hence you can save something of interest on your work PC and pick it up on your mobile device at a later time. If this isn't pure convenience then I don't know what is.


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