North America to run out of IPv4 internet addresses in a few months

Looks like North America (US and Canada) could be about to exhaust their IPV4 addresses that have been in long use on the internet. This is according to estimates, that they will run out of IPv4 addresses (the familiar format) over the next few months. While some companies might stall this by letting go of IPv4 numbers they don't use, many others will have little choice but to move to IPv6 (hexadecimals) if they want to add new addresses on their networks.

The newer IP addressing (IPv6) standard is already in widespread use. Companies like Facebook wouldn't even be functioning unless they had already migrated a lot of their servers to IPv6.
Smaller companies that are using dated hardware that is not compatible with IPv6 might face a bit of a challenge as they will incur some costs when it comes to upgrading all their incompatible hardware and reconfiguring their networks all over. The good thing about networking equipment that supports IPv6 is that they are also backward compatible with IPv4 networks, so migrating to the newer IP standard will not break how the internet works.


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