New Google Analytics Demo

Finally, Google has launched a fully functional Google Analytics demo account available to everyone. I know your probably asking "why?" since there are loads of resources about Google Analytics either from articles written, the community, various books and guides. Plus Google themselves offer training and courses on the subject. Well not everyone has access to a fully implemented Google Analytics account, so it may be tricky to gain the practical knowledge. This demo gives you a real time chance that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

This demo utilizes information from Google merchandise store for you to practice with when learning Google Analytics. It also has all the features that you would typically implement such as Adwords linking. Moreover, the Google Analytics team have come up with a solution for the universe to get real world experience. There are lots of ways the demo account can benefit you personally:
You can use it when following a training course.
To determine the whether the features you haven't implemented are beneficial to you.
Learn how to compare audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion performance to a previous date range period.
On the other hand, the demo can be used by tutors to set quizzes, test and other learning material for students. Even organization can implement is use to teach employees on the same. Some of Google Analytics partners have also started using the account demo to provide beginners and advanced classroom and online learning. Well now you know, go access the demo account here and start analyzing.


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