How to remove Google Malware warning Using Web master tools

Assuming you've been browsing the Internet for a while you've probably come across the above image depicting a site that has been blacklisted by Google.

Users still have the option to visit the website at their own risk but in most cases you hit the go back to safety option. Most of these websites belong to people or companies who have been prey to Malware and Phishing attacks and don't have a clue of how to resolve it.
Sometimes they may not even know that they have been compromised until they start receiving complaints from their clients.
Its important to note that even though you may contact your hosting provider to find a solution, the website will still show the warning since its still on Google's blacklist.
And that's where Google Webmaster Tools Comes to your rescue.Having Google Webmaster Tools ensure that you stay on top of the situation. In-case of an attack you are instantly notified with an email such as the one below ensuring that you act swiftly.
These tools are free and all you need to do is to submit your website to Google Webmaster tools. Then make a Malware review request to Google.
Google then scans your website to determine the infected pages and after you fix the issue the website now becomes accessible to your users.
Below is the step by step guide of requesting a Malware review using Google Webmaster Tools. (In case you find the procedure difficult, find a professional on to help you out )

1.Access the Google Search Console.
Follow this link to get to the search console page and login using your gmail account.
2. Enter your website's URL and click on add property.
3. Google asks you to download an HTML verification file that you upload to the root folder of your site.
You are then supposed to access the file as shown below in order to verify that indeed you own the website.
4.You'll receive the message below after successful verification.
5.Click the security issues link and if your website is clean, you'll see the message below.

In the case that malware is present, google will show you the infected urls and ask you to fix them before requesting for a malware review.
So that's it, and now you have Webmaster tools on your website but you don't have to stop there. Explore the search console for more tools . Again, if you find the process a bit too technical you can always hire a professional on to help you at an affordable fee.
In case you have any challenges or comments, feel free to put them across on the comments box and we'll get back to you asap. Also, look out for more updates from us concerning how to better secure your website.



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