How to clear browser cache

How to clear browser cache

What is browser cache

When you are typing documents on your computer, your machine is able to keep your document in a temporary storage before you could save them in your preferred permanent storage. This also happens when you are browsing the internet. The first time you visit a site, your browser saves a copy of the site contents for easy retrieval in the future.

Have you ever visited a site then received the response “open a saved copy’ from your browser? Browser caching is very important as far as page load speed is concerned. When your internet speed is slow, browser caching helps you to access sections of the page that had been stored previously. 

However, sometimes the content stored on the browser may differ with the contents on the server because the browser does not automatically the site once the site owner makes new changes. As a result, you will receive a very old version of the site. Caching can also produce error messages such as 'run time error,' 'the action performed doesn't respond appropriately,' 'unable to save the Timesheet,' 'buttons missing on the page' or 'Timesheet doesn't allow you to enter time.'This is what necessitates the clearing of browser cache.  

How to clear browser cache

Clearing your browser cache is as easy as pressing the clear data/cache button on your browser or app settings. Here is how to clear cache for various browsers:

On Chrome browser, this can be accessed from the Time Range menu on the Advanced Privacy settings. From the drop down menu, click on cookies and site data to Clear Data on Cached images and data button.

On Safari browser, click on Clear History and Website Data from the Safari tab.

If you are on Windows PC, go to your browser download history tab and select cookies and other site data. Clear cached images and files from the Time Range menu.

On Microsoft Edge, select Hub icon – History icon then click clear all history. This will take you to browsing history where you can access cookies and saved website data. Clear all cached data and files from here.

On Internet Explorer II, follow the command Tools – Safety – Delete browsing history – Temporary internet files – cookies – cookies and website data – history – delete. To select temporary internet files, you need to deselect ‘Preserve favourite website data first.

On opera, go to privacy & security – clear browsing data, the beginning of time – browsing history – download history – cookies and other site data – cached images and files – clear browsing data.

Remember, clearing browsing history also clears url data of websites you visited recently as well as data saved while filling out forms. It is important to always remember to bookmark important sites for a better online experience even after clearing your browser cache.

Here is a video on how to clear browsing cache:


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