Have you tried out Google's new fitness Android app?

Fitness is something just about all mainstream mobile manufacturers have been pushing for on their flagship devices. Not only do they incorporate an array of sensors on their mobile phones to keep track of fitness activities, you can now get the same from wearable devices - most notably smart watches.

Be it walking, cycling, running or nutritional intake, today's phones can help one keep track of all of these activities through use of manufacturer specific applications such as the S health App for Samsung devices and Apple's Health App for their iOS devices.
Google has now thrown in its own fitness application for Android called Google Fit, to make use of the existing array of sensors on most mobile devices to help users make a healthy change in their life by becoming more active, aware and motivated.

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Screenshot of Google Fit[/caption]
Google fit also enables one to set goals based on given activities and you can see your progress throughout the day and receive performance-based recommendations for activity goals. The new application does not need one to have the latest and greatest of flagship devices for it to work, you don't even need to own a wearable device.
The new application only requires your phone to be running on Android 4.0 ICS and above to work, It simply makes use of the sensors readily available on most devices. People with wearable devices such as smart watches have an added advantage however.
The Google play store currently has a good number of fitness applications but this being an offering from Google, it is bound to catch on pretty quick.


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