Ebola.com domain name sold for $200,000

With the current Ebola outbreak situation making headlines worldwide for months now, some people have managed to score a big payday through selling the domain name ebola.com for more than $200,000 (roughly Ksh 18million) in cash and stock. Get this..that is Ksh 18 million for a domain name people usually buy for Ksh 1160 or $12.

This deal highlights the rewards and risk of industry trading and speculating in domain names that see high interest after news events. People usually purchase and hoard large numbers of domain names that they suspect would become relevant to a brand, person or company someday in future and with that they can make a killing out of it. It is more like gambling but when you hit the jackpot you really turn in a good amount.
The Oct. 20 filing said the price was $50,000 cash and 19,192 shares of Cannabis Sativa, which promotes medical uses for marijuana. Those shares are worth close to $170,000.
The reasons for the sale were not clear, but Cannabis Sativa chief and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has publicly said he thinks marijuana may be used to treat the deadly disease.
The Ebola.com website contains articles offering facts and frequently asked questions about the disease, which has infected almost 10,000 people worldwide, killing nearly 4,900.


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