Cool features you might not know about your Android device

Android is without doubt the largest mobile OS platform out there due to the fact that it is open source software and is developed and backed up Google. Unlike Apple’s iOS and Blackberry which are only restricted to run on their developer’s hardware, Android can be adopted by just any device manufacturer and incorporated into their own set of devices and this is what has made it very popular as consumers now get to experience and interact with Android across a plethora of devices.

Android being a Google backed system comes heavily integrated with Google services and features some of which are unknown to many users but quite useful and fun to use.
In this post we will be reviewing 2 such features, first one being Google Location history and the second being the remote ring feature to locate a misplaced device that is on silent mode.

Google Location History
Back in the day when Google Latitude (retired on August 9th, 2013) used to be the in thing where people could share their current locations using their GPS enabled devices so that friends and or family around could easily locate them, Google also had a location history feature that kept track of all the places where you had visited.
When Google latitude was retired, the location history feature was still retained and continues to live on in the shadows as it is receives little to no mention these days. If you have a GPS enabled Android device with Google location services enabled then head to: on your computer’s browser and sign in with your device’s default Gmail account (that is if you have multiple Gmail accounts on your device) and be amazed at how your phone has been 'secretly' tracking your everyday movements and relaying this data back to Google.

This might be a concern to some as you might have opted in to Google’s location services without a care in the world to read the T&C of what really goes on in the background without your knowledge.
On the Location history page you will find a rough estimate of all the locations you might have visited each day, you can select any date from the calendar on the top left to view the location data for any particular date.

Remote ring feature
Have you ever lost your phone someplace either in your car or house and it was on silent? Well you might feel out of lack since you will have to spend more time trying to locate your phone the hard way and probably end up even more frustrated.
If your phone has an active data connection then you might have one trick up your sleeve. Simply log in to the Google play store using your device’s default Gmail account then locate and click on the gear icon on the right end.

Select Android device manager from the drop down menu.

On this new page you have the option to Ring the device which will force your phone to ring at maximum volume for a period of 5 minutes even though it was on silent mode in the first place. Pretty cool feature don’t you think?


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