Common computer security threats

Computers have made life very easy, but with every technological advancement is a new challenge. It is possible to lose your data to unknown or malicious people even when you are no connected to the internet. 

Cyber criminals have accessed private company databases, stolen customer details including passwords. These attacks can target companies, individuals or even individuals. Big companies such as Yahoo and LinkedIn have already been targeted by hackers, putting millions of users at risk. Kenya has also been a target of ransomware and hacking, and chances are high that your personal
computer, email and smartphone have also been hit.

Any unauthorized access to the data stored in your computer has the potential to put your life in jeopardy. Think about a competitor gaining access to your clients list, complete with their location and contacts. Or someone getting access to your research and development (R&D) data, passwords to accounts among other information deemed to be private or confidential. Here is a list of the common computer security threats you need to know about:

Common computer security threats

1. Hacking
2. Ransomware
3. Keyloggers
4. Trojan horse
5. Spyware
6. Worms
7. Scareware
8. Phishing
9. Backdoor
10. Botnet
11. Fake anti-virus
12. Dropper
13. Bluesnarfing
14. Bluejacking
15. Boot sector virus
16. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)
17. Mousetrapping
18. Virus
19. Pharming
20. Crimeware
21. Spam mail
22. Spoofing
23. SQL injection
24. Wi-Fi eavesdropping
25. Rogue security software
26. Rootkit

Cyber-attacks cost economies up to 100 billion dollars annually, and this figure is expected to go up. More resources are being deployed to counter these attacks, but each individual has a role to play.

Some attacks are launched without your knowledge, while others have been made to bypass your computer security software. However, knowing how different threats work can save you a lot of agony. Your computer habits can go a long way in reducing vulnerability.



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