Can you pass the computer security test?

Computer security, technically known as cyber security, is a growing concern among economies of the world. Computer threats are increasing every day, with cyber criminals targeting private personal or client information, data, files and confidential communication. When information lands to the wrong hands, it can lead to irreversible damage. 

An increasing number of people, companies, brands and even government bodies have suffered from computer security breaches. Statistics indicate that the global economy lost over $450 billion to cyber crime in 2016, and this figure keeps rising. Healthcare remains the most vulnerable industry, with millions of records being at risk. This means that data is more valuable to hackers than money. The four other industries that top in the vulnerability list include Financial institutions, manufacturing industries, government and legal institutions in that order.

Imagine what would happen if your boss was able to access your internal WhatsApp conversations with other employees. Or you found your business competitor reading a client or supplier list and gaining all advantage over you.

Many times, cyber criminals use the data we avail freely to explore other vulnerabilities. Remember the last time you visited a cyber café and downloaded your resume into a public network. Perhaps you even logged into your email or Facebook page and forgot to sign out. You have probably clicked on Facebook links that purport to analyse your profile, messages and contacts in order to predict certain things about your personality, career, relationships among others.

Maybe you did not, but can you really pass the computer security test? Chances are high that someone you know did, which also puts you at risk in some way or another.

In this age of internet banking and AI, a small security glitch can sweep all your accounts clean, expose embarrassing private conversations to the entire digital community, compromise your reputation or bring an entire company down.

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