Beware of this email scam purporting to be for domain renewal

It has been brought to our attention that there happens to be a new form of email scam targeting top level domain name holders - this includes domains ending in .com, .net, .info and the likes.

The email comes up with the title: INFORMATION! It then goes ahead to give false information about the expiry date of your domain name and that you should renew it soon.
Below is a screenshot of a sample email

Since WHOIS information for a particular domain is usually publicly accessible, these scammers are able to utilize bots to harvest this information which includes the owner's email address and then send them fraudulent emails as seen above.
In event you receive any email of this nature kindly ignore it and do not click on any of the links within it. Any email regarding your domain or hosting renewal needs to come from us EACdirectory directly. You will can be able to tell by verifying that it originates from an email on our domain
If in doubt, feel free to notify us either through an email or opening a ticket from your client area.


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