​Bandwidth Limit Exceeded: What it means and how to fix it

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded or Error 509 is a common error on the webspace. This error means that your site is receiving too much traffic than the host can allow, depending on the plan/package that you have purchased. 

Web hosting companies allocate your server space depending on your data requirements.

Your website files are usually saved in a server from where they are downloaded after someone makes a query to display your website.

The more visitors your site receives, the more the bandwidth consumed. 


How to fix Error 509

When your site starts displaying this error, you need to take action immediately. Here are some practical ways to fix the error permanently:

1. Caching
Bandwidth is used when data is transferred from the web server to the end user’s computer and vice versa. Implementing caching ensures that when someone visits your site, a copy is saved on their browser. When they make subsequent visits, the site is retrieved from the browser instead of the host’s servers, ensuring that the allocated disk space remains intact.

2. Upgrade your hosting plan
Hosting providers offer a wide range of hosting plans depending on your budget and/or bandwidth requirements. If you were on a budget when you purchased the initial hosting plan, you can consider upgrading to another plan. Your hosting provider will tell you the amount of space allocated and rates for upgrade or unlimited hosting.

3. Reduce your files, especially images
Images take up a lot of disk space and reducing their size comes with many benefits. It boosts your site load speed hence boosting your SEO efforts and also optimizes disk space usage on your servers. This has a significant impact on bandwidth usage in the course of the month. If your server is always returning error 509 a few days to the end month, you may need to consider optimizing your images to create space for some more downloads.

In conclusion, error 509 can bring massive losses to your business. You need to constantly monitor your bandwidth usage to ensure that visitors are no met with Error 509 when they visit your site. Do not blame your host when you use up your allocated bandwidth. Collaborate with them to fix the problem as soon as possible.



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how to fix Your bandwidth quota exceeded

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i can not open also cpanle. same msg in cpanel login

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