AirDroid now lets you control your Android device from their desktop app

Popular Android app AirDroid which let's users easily transfer files between their Android phone and PC as well as carry out a number of functions such as taking screenshots of the device, accessing the device's camera, viewing and sending text messages as well as managing applications now has a desktop application.

The new AirDroid desktop app now lets you control your device right from your desktop. Previously this was all done through a web browser after inputting a specified URL given by the app running on your Android device. The latest update brings a native desktop app for Mac and PC, with better notification handling and remote device control right on your screen.
This new version includes a feature called AirMirror - which lets you see and control your Android device right on your desktop by simply using your mouse to tap on buttons and fields and your keyboard to type. This means that you can now interact with apps on your device such as WhatsApp messages from your PC without having to pick up your phone. But for this to work you’ll need to have a rooted device.

The desktop app while still being new lacks a number of features that are present on the web-based counterpart. Such features include ability to allow users to browse their devices’ files, use the camera, locate them on a map, view photos, take screenshots, change ringtones and more.

You can download the app for free from the Google Play, as well as the desktop client for Mac and PC on AirDroid’s site.



11/03/2019 by Martha Kuria

How can I pay for airDroid services other than paypal? I am interested.

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