4 overlooked pages that can help you sell more

Don’t limit your website visitors; add these 4 pages on your site now and sell more

4 most overlooked pages that can help you sell more

Creating a great landing page for your business is not enough. You need to make sure that you are reaping maximum benefit from every visitor who lands there. Most website owners limit their site visitors’ activity by adding only pages on the services they offer. Here are 4 pages you should include on your site right now!

About page
Websites have made it possible for businesses to connect to a global audience. It is likely that majority of the people who will land on your website do not know much about you. After clicking on a few pages, your visitors will be curious to know who you are and what you do. Once the search engines do their work of directing people to your site, offer them as much information as possible to make them stick around. Give them a reason to feel connected and desire to come back to your site.

Error 404 page
Deleted pages that have no 301 redirects always give the most dreaded error 404 page not found message. Instead of telling people that the page they are looking for is no longer available, give them something valuable to keep them browsing. A search bar, sitemap, resources including blog posts or alternative content are some of the ideas you could try.

Thank you page
This page is important in measuring goal completion. It should appear at the final stage of an event such as making a call, requesting for a quote, signing up, downloading a promotion material, entering a contest, check-out or even reading a page. The list of ideas is endless, but you can use this page to build your social following, cross sell or up-sell a product.

Contact page
Do not leave a silent telephone number or email address on the site header. Contact pages are great locations for a creative call to action. Most people leave a contact form but you can make it social by adding your business email address and a working telephone number. Place a call to action here to boost conversions.


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