​Website backup: why you need it

The web space is full of threats and a simple security glitch can cost you millions. An employee, accomplice or third party can decide to attack your website you can lose everything. Website backup is a kind of insurance cover for your website. It is a plan that keeps your website up during times of uncertainties. Backing your website up means keeping another copy on a different location so as to limit interruptions in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Why do you need a site backup?

Website backup will cushion you against losses in case of the following circumstances:
1. Problems with local storage. Many developers save copies of their websites on their local hard disk, and this can be daunting if the computer crashes, gets lost or is infected with viruses. This is where cloud backup is required.
2. Updates gone awry. Wordpress in particular keeps releasing regular theme and plugin in order to deal with threats and fix other issues. Sometimes running these updates can backfire, crashing the entire website.
3. Human errors. New employees can erroneously delete important files or mix up files on the site back-end. Keeping a backup of your website will ensure that you fix the problem as fast as possible to mitigate losses.
4. External interference. Malware, viruses and spyware can find their way into your website. Hackers can overwrite your files and thus put your business, clients or operations in jeopardy. Fixing this problem may require you to get rid of the current site and replace it with the backup.
5. Server outage. The servers of the company hosting your website can go down, leading to adverse effects on your business. There is also the risk of your hosting company shutting down indefinitely. In this case, you will need to find another host. This process will be faster if your files are already stored in the cloud.

Website backup requires a lot of investment in terms of money and time, yet the ability to retrieve your website from a remote location at any given time and from any location is the best insurance you can ever have on the web space.


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