​How to send company-branded emails

How to send company-branded emails

Benefits of company-branded emails

How do you communicate with your clients? Do you just provide them with a form to fill and a promise to get back to them? Or do you leave your mobile number or personal email?

Most small business owners do not know how to send company-branded emails. Whether you are operating a small garage, estate welding business, a road side garage or car wash, restaurant or consultancy, you can convince your clients to use your service by providing them with a credible communication channel.

Emails are among the most effective communication tools in the business world. Email open rates differ across multiple industries, with religious institutions recording the highest open rate of 24 per cent. In terms of click-through-rate, publishing companies top with 13.67 per cent.

Statistics indicate that only 20 per cent of small businesses have company-branded email addresses. Company-branded email addresses bear the company’s domain and logo. Customers are more likely to open a company-branded email because it looks professional and credible. Emails with ESP domain names such as @gmail.com, @outlook, @mail.com, @yahoo.com affect the company’s credibility. Anybody can open a Gmail account and send you fraudulent emails. Non-branded emails give the notion that the company is still new or not credible.

Top 3 professional email solutions

Today, service providers have made it easy for new companies to send professional emails. Google has for instance introduced G Suite to rival Microsoft’s Outlook and 365. You can hire a professional to set up these programs for you at an affordable rate and enjoy a wider audience reach with professional emails.

Outlook is the oldest in this list and comes with MS Office. Office 365, which was launched in 2013, works with Windows, Android, mac and iOS. G Suite is a software as a service that can run on any operating system. Both Office 365 and G Suite are subscription services and can be bought from Microsoft and Google partners in Kenya.


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