​How to remove malware from your browser

If your browser is infected with malware, it may redirect your search to unwanted sites, force you to install wallpapers on your homepage or display annoying ads that won’t go away. Some of these ads are riddled with spyware and other malicious software. Torrent sites are the vectors for malware attacks. They will give you free movies, audio books, games and music but leave you with spyware. 

When someone offers to give you something for free, you need to ask yourself what is in it for them. If they just seem friendly and benevolent, run for your life. That could be a bait to get onto your browser or computer.

These tips will help you to remove malware from your browser:

1. Run an anti-malware software to detect infection and neutralize threats. Even the best anti-virus programs can fail to detect dangerous spyware on your browser. To be sure, combine your anti-virus with secondary scanners such as SuperAntiSpyware, Ad-Adware, Spybot Search, Malwarebytes and Destroy.

2. Clean up your browser. The following steps will help clean up your browser:
a. Remove toolbars that you do not use. Remove downloadable toolbars and clutter or just stick to known browsers such as Chrome and Yahoo. To remove unwanted toolbars from Explorer and Mozilla, right-click on the toolbar to display menu and then deselect all unwanted ones.

b. Remove add-ons that you don’t need. Different browsers have different procedures for add-on removal. For Internet Explorer, go to Tools – Manage Add-ons _ All add-ons – right click to disable. On Firefox, go to the top-left corner, click the orange menu then Add-ons to remove the unwanted ones. On Chrome, go to settings – extensions then remove what you don’t use.

c. Browser-hijackers. On Internet Explorer, go to tools – Manage add-ons- search providers. On Firefox, click the search box and then go to Manage Search Engines. On Explorer, go to ToolsManage Add-ons – Search Providers.

The web runs on adverts, so getting rid of them completely is not possible. However, your online behavior will determine how vulnerable you are. To be safe, it is advisable to avoid free downloads especially from suspicious websites.


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