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​Here is reason #1 why you should be using G Suite for your business

Here is reason #1 why you should be using G Suite for your business 

Quick G Suite facts

G Suite has been in operation since 2006, and so far over 3 million businesses are using it. Formerly known as Google Apps, G Suite works just like Gmail but has more advanced features to enhance productivity and efficiency at work. It is a communication tool that every small business owner should adopt for various reasons.

G Suite Benefits

Gsuite comes with a whole range of benefits to the business owner. First, it gives your emails a professional look and touch, hence boosting your chances of converting target clients. Your G Suite address is attached to your domain in the format name@yourdomainname.com, which makes your address look professional. In addition, you can add your company logo to your email and promote your brand with every email message sent. It also gives you the opportunity to use email and brand aliases for efficient communication.

Another reason why you should be using G Suite is because it is easy to use. It works purely like Gmail, which is a very popular app with over 1 billion active users monthly. In addition, you can open multiple accounts at once in the same browser.

G Suite also comes with an expansive storage, giving you double the space assigned to normal Gmail accounts. At 30 GB free storage, you can exchange files and store as many files as you want. When his space is used up, you can always buy more space and keep enjoying the service.

Google Drive makes it easier to store and access all files created or shared through the company email address. Since you have full ownership of the accounts, you can always reassign email addresses, change passwords and access documents shared via any given address especially after an employee stops working for you.


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