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28th Feb 2012

Error connecting to .ke registry

Error connecting to .ke registry: There is a cable cut affecting all local (kenyan) internet traffic. Because of this, you will experience problems when making changes to your .ke domains. The cabel cut has affected the entire country. Excerpts from ...

29th Dec 2011

Mpesa: Automated registrations, renewals and Hosting from EACdirectory

EACdirectory has now automated the payment processes through the MPesa Paybill. This is in addition to the Credit card/Debit card/Paypal options which are already processed automatically. Procedure: 1.Log onto your Client area account with EACdirectory. 2. Chose Mpesa as payment option and get all the instructions there 3. Input the ...

8th Dec 2011

EACdirectory MPESA Paybil number : 890500

EACdirectory MPESA Paybil number : 890500

EACdirectory has introduced the mpesa paybill option. Details of how to transact are as follows:

28th Nov 2011

Migration of website from to

We are .ke leading domain registrar. It only makes sense to have a as the main site hence the migration.

Please let us know by email your comments about the site, any errors e.t.c. Thanks for your continued support.